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Classes are currently being carried out virtually to ensure the safety of everyone. Once normal classes resume, the following will apply:

Drop, Go, Collect

Is there a one way system?

Yes, enter through the main door, wait in the corridor for your dancer to be called into class. Leave through the fire exit. To collect your dancer, wait outside near the fire exit and your dancer will be brought out to you. Only one adult per dancer, however, siblings are allowed. Please let the teacher know if someone different is collecting them.

Do we need to wear a face covering?

Anyone over the age of 12 must wear a face covering as soon as you leave the car park to come on site and into the building. Dancers will not need to wear one in class as this restricts breathing during exercises. Dancers over 12 will only remove their face coverings once in the class.

My dancer only attends 1 class can I wait for them?

There is no waiting within the building anymore. You may wait on site but you will need to keep your face covering on or you can wait in the car park. There are covered areas if the weather is bad.

Unaccompanied dancers

Follow the one way system in through the main door out through the fire exit.

There is no longer a changing room for you to access.

You must wait in the corridor until the teacher calls you in.

You will place your belongings in the room 2m away from other dancers.

Drinks only no snacks or food.

All mobiles must be on silent throughout.

All over 12 must wear a face covering as soon as you leave the car park but remove it once you are in the room.

You must use the sanitizer prior to the start of class.

During class

Dancers must use the hand sanitizer before coming into class.

Can the dancers use the toilets?

Try to encourage your dancer to go to the toilet before class, however, they can use the toilets one at a time as we have always done. They should wash their hands and then use the hand sanitizer prior re-joining the class.

Will my dancer get a break during class?

We will allow dances to have a small break to have a drink only (in a bottle with their name on) no food or snacks are allowed, (unless your dancer has a specific dietary need that the teachers have been made aware of) as this reduces time cleaning and tidying.

What if my dancer hurts themselves?

We as teachers have a duty of care and should your dancer have an accident, we cannot social distance, however, we will immediately wear our face coverings and disposable gloves to attend to your dancer (which is what we would do in a first aid situation.

What if my dancer becomes unwell in class?

We will contact you immediately to collect your dancer. If, however, your dancer takes ill before coming to class, please stay at home.

Previously I have provided props (watering cans) for the young children to use. However, I can no longer do this as no sharing is allowed. All dancers in group 1,2 and some of 3 will need to bring their own. The dancers are not allowed to share their props unless they are siblings.

All barres, door handles and floors in both the studio and the dining room will be cleaned between each group’s classes. Please do not enter the room until your dancer has been called for. All dancers will be placed on coloured spots 2m apart.


Can we still order uniform?

Yes, either via email, text or messenger there is no longer a fitting service (Natasha’s job), so you will need to take note of any previous sizes of uniform to then order the next size up.

How do I collect my uniform?

At the moment you will not be able to collect it at dancing. However, I am offering a delivery service instead. This is only available Monday and Wednesday evenings, unless you work at home then I can deliver during the day.

How do I return any of the order that doesn’t fit?

Drop me an email, text or message to return anything then bring it along to your dancers’ next class. That way I am expecting it.

How do I pay for the order?

Preferably by internet banking, however, cash and cheque are still acceptable but must be in an envelope clearly marked and placed in the box provided in the corridor, as it needs to be left 72 hours.

Please be aware all dancers must wear the correct dance uniform no own choice clothing. I must be able to see their posture is correct and the exercises are being executed properly for health, safety and maintaining social distancing. If the weather is cold a tight fitting long sleeved top or ballet cardigan can be worn over the top. Correct shoes at all times Ballet shoes for Ballet, Jazz shoes for modern Jazz Grade 1 upwards, Tap shoes for tap should their laces come undone at any time and they aren’t able to retie them then the teacher wearing a face covering and disposable gloves will retie them as we have a health and safety duty of care. Bare feet is no longer acceptable for lower grades in modern and all grades of lyrical the dancer will now wear ballet shoes. Hair must tied up off the dancer face.


How will Acro work?

A one way system in the first do and out the last door of the gymnasium. You will drop the student at the first door and then wait at the bottom of the steps of the last door for collection, for me to send the students out.

Please ensure the students have been to the toilet before class as there are none in the gymnasium and we can’t use the ones in the sports hall if another hirer is in there.

Use the hand sanitizer at the entrance door.

One mat per student which will be cleaned in between the two classes.

No bare feet allowed so either Ballet shoes (no Jazz shoes) or non slip socks that are available on amazon.

Drinks only with their name on the bottle, no snacks or food.

Hair must be tied up out of the way, no loose clothing to be worn under health and safety. I need to be able to see their correct posture and they are executing the exercise properly.

If you need to get new acro clothing may I suggest a long sleeved leotard as the gymnasium can get cold in winter.

These are pay as you go. Wherever possible please use internet banking, however, cash and cheques are still acceptable but placed inn an envelope and the box provided as it needs to be left 72 hours.

If you r student becomes ill I will contact you immediately for you to return and collect them.

If your student becomes ill before class please stay at home.


What about exams?


Due to having no dance training for the past seven months, we as teachers do not envisage any dancers to be ready for exams until May 2021

Will there be a dance show?

Until further reopening’s of theatre spaces there will not be a show in March. I will be looking more towards the end of June or the beginning of July.

The Track and Trace System

As per health and safety and fire procedures, our teachers always take a register of attendance. This along with your confirmed contact details is our system for COVID-19. If your dancer becomes unwell at any time stay at home but please let us know.

COVID 19 FAQs: Text
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